Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thums Up For First Look of Bodyguard. Dirty Picture, Agneepath.

Bollywood is witnessing a change in the era in terms of publicity of films in today’s time. When a film is made a major part of the budget is kept for its promotion and marketing strategies. Recently Hindi Cinema has seen an unprecedented growth in terms of First Look and Trailer Launches. Creation of hype starts from the poster launch which leads to the unveiling of the promo and so other promotional activities till the final release of the film.

Lets talk about the three films that will release in this year and have created a tremendous hyper among the audience Bodyguard, Agneepath and The Dirty Picture. Salman Khan strategied the marketing of Bodyguard very cleverly. He created a buzz among the audience when Bodyguard was announced. One of the unusual thing that Khan did that he aroused the curiosity among the audience by launching the trailer from his Bodyguard Shera. Being generous by letting his most trusted aide Shera launch his films promo and thinking innovative proved to be beneficial for Salman Khan. And the huge amount of popularity the film has been receiving even before the film’s release depicts it will rock the box office like Salman’s earlier films.

Even if we look at Agneepath, the film seems to be very promising in terms of its strong content and incredible star cast. Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions is back with the film after 20 years. Karan Johar says that it will be his tribute to Mukul Anand. The earlier Agneepath witnessed an outstanding performance by superstar Amitabh Bachchan,

while this time Hrithik steps into the shoes of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan.

While shooting the film, somehow Hrithik Roshan’s picture were leaked by the miscreants online. Miffed Karan then increased the number of security guards instructing, no usage of a cell phones strictly on the sets. Before the film’s trailer hits theatres, the teaser will be launched today morning, at a suburban five star hotel. Johar says, “We are launching our teaser of Agneepath today. It’s a tribute and homage to Mukul S Anand’s Agneepath, a film that my father and production house is extremely proud of. We are thrilled to kick start a campaign with a solid 90 second unit.”

And just 2 days ago, there was poster launch of Dirty Picture. This Milan Luthria directorial venture stars Vidya Balan which is a biopic of sexy Silk Smita, the South seductress during the 80’s and 90’s. The poster depicts Naseeruddin Shah getting up close and personal with Vidya, while Tusshar admires her softness. And contradicting to the image of a serial kisser Emraan standing behind.

Silk Smita, mesmerized the audiences with her sexiness and sheer display of sensuality. Her personal life was not into limelight, with Dirty Picture Milan reveals the true story of this Southern beauty. And even more, the film releases with Bombshell Silk Smita’s birthday on December 02.

Thus we see that the trend of poster launch and promo launch, these films have creating a tremendous amount of hyper and curiosity among the audience and we all hope it will live up to the expectations.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Amitabh Bachchan's Dynamic Role In Controversial Aarakshan

Amitabh has performed tremendously in various films. He has become one of the most versatile actors of the Indian film industry. The superstar has been right defined as ‘the angry young man’ if Indian Cinema. In Bollywood, Amitabh was awarded with this title when he was portraying roles that clearly fitted definition.

So now the actor is all set for his upcoming release Aarakshan. The film is based on one of the most controversial subject in India. The theme of the film revolves around the caste system in the field of education in India. Prakash Jha has earlier made films like Rajneeti, Gangaajal, Apaharan. His films always dealt with harsh realities of Indian society.

Infact Prakash Jha says that he wanted to make Aarakshan, only if Amitabh Bachchan would have agreed to play the role in it. Jha says,“ I always wanted to work with Amitabh Bachchan but if you see the films which I did from Mrityudand to Gangaajal to Apaharan to Raajneeti, there wasn't any character suitable for someone of Mr. Bachchan's calibre and stature. 7 years ago when I came across this story which dealt with the issue of reservation and opportunities in education, I knew that the Principal's role is tailor-made for Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. In fact I had decided then and there that if he does agree to do the role, I will go ahead with the film else if he doesn't, I will not make the film at all. I was fortunate that the moment I narrated the story to him, he immediately said YES.”

As far as the role Amitabh Bachchan’s role is concerned. The senior actor completely looked like Jha. Initially Big B started with the exact cut of Prakash Jha's beard and hair for his character. But later on the senior actor dons clothes worn by Jha to play the college professor.

Infact a source from the film says, “It started with the beard and hair. Amitji said he wanted that exact cut because that's how he envisaged his character of the college professor Prabhakar Anand. Then when he sat down to discuss his character's clothes with his designer Priyanka Mundada, Mr. Bachchan thought the clothes should also be replicated from the director. All the deep-coloured kurtas, the khadi jackets and the checked mufflers that you'll see Amitji's character in Aarakshan wearing are all borrowed from the director's wardrobe.”

In fact the films controversial subject has created many problems before its release. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes (NCSC) had asked the filmmaker to screen the film for them before release. The Commission wanted to make sure that the film does not misrepresent the constitutional stand and laws on reservation. However, Jha refused to screen the film to any independent body other than the Censor Board for Film Certification (CBFC)

Now Jha seems to have had the last laugh as the Censor Board has cleared the film with a U/A certificate. The certificate was awarded after an examining committee, set up with representatives from the Dalit, OBC, SC and ST community reviewed the movie.

When Amitabh herd the news, he tweeted,“ Aarakshan' seen by Censors today and gets a UA Certificate without a single cut …that is something !!" There has been an immense amount of speculation regarding the censorship of the film, "Aarakshan." This has stemmed mainly from parties that were concerned that the film would offend people of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Castes. Even anti-reservation groups were worried, that the film may be too pro-reservation. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes sent a notice to the Censor Board that the film should not be cleared by the Censor Board without the approval of the Commission.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bollywood Goes The Lesbian Way

Films on Controversial subjects and intimate scenes have always been in the headlines. Some of the most controversial films include Fire, Girlfriend, I cant Think Straight, when Kiran Met Karen.

The initial reaction to Deepa Mehta’s Fire and Karan Razdan’s Girlfriend was violent. As for the first time Bollywood and Indian cinema in general faced some truth that is part of real life. The intimate scenes involving Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das invited huge criticism from all over. Similarly, Isha Koppikar and Amrita Arora’s love making scene in Girlfriend invited lot of unwanted attention from the political parties. The opposition to both the films affected the film’s business tremendously.

But it seems slowly the times are changing. People are eager to see these movies and in the underworld market of movie clips and sex movies, lesbian movies are the hottest topic and commodity of Indian cities and villages.

Another actress who has experimented with various roles is Lisa Ray. Lisa acted in box office average grossers like Kasoor and cross over movies like Hollywood Bollywood. The pretty model-turned-actress essayed the role of a lesbian in an English movie called I can’t think straight.

When Kiran Met Karen is another film which depicted had a lesbian theme to it. It is an English language Bollywood film dealing with the subject of lesbianism. The film explores lesbianism as it is encapsulated by the canvas of South Asian conservatism, lifestyle and existence. It is the story of a rising Bollywood star Kiran Lohar, who discovers something about herself only after encountering lesbian journalist Karen Sorens.

Not only lesbian films we have also witnessed many Bollywood actresses kissing on promotional events of the films. A lip lock was witnessed between Rani Mukherjee and Vidya Balan during the promotions of ‘No One Killed Jessica’. Similarly a similar scenario was witnessed when Rani was seen too close to Bollywood bombshell Katrina Kaif. Similarly we have also seen a kiss was also seen between Kalki Koechlin and Keerti Kulkarni Shaitan’s song.

Thus we can Bollywood has made different films on lesbian genre and some of the actresses kissing their female stars. We wonder till which level this controversial genre goes.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bollywood Actress To Go Nude For Money

For actresses in Bollywood it is all about money. Now a days there is no hesitation to do anything just to get some roles in films there by making some money. Sometimes, some of them give some bold statements regarding to acting on the screen with few clothes to none at all. And some of them leak some of their hot pictures and videos to the internet just to draw the attention of people. So for money particularly the actresses are getting bolder day by day.

If we have a look back, there have been two prominent faces who puzzled the audience. Poonam Pandey, model and most search on google. Poonam came into limelight at the time of world cup. She got very famous at the time of world cup. Poonam wanted to go nude if India wins the world cup. When India faced the victory, the actress went underground. Seems it was just a publicity gimmick.

And recently Tansushree Dutta a dusky beauty also made a statement to attract the filmmakers. The actress said that she is ready to shed her clothes if the producer pays her a good amount of money.

The actress gave a bold statement that she has no qualms about skin show and lip-lock, if the producer pays the remuneration she demands. In fact, she has set a price tag for everything from skin show, bikini and lip-locks.

After her remark, Tanushree is gaining lot of criticism from film circles, she defends it.

Tanushree says,“ What’s wrong in my statement? It’s an open secret that film makers choose artist depending on their requirement and the budget they have. The producer should pay me if he wants me to do particular things like – skin show, bikini and lip-locks. If he agrees to pay me, then I’m ready to the film. or else, I will not be a part of his film.”

Seems these actresses adopting the culture of Hollywoods leading ladies, in showing as much skin as possible. Is that because they got used the life style in which they spend money like water, that they find it very hard to live without that kind of life style and are willing to do anything to earn money? I guess some thinking need to be done before making some stupid statements and get themselves in a position in which they lose all those morals and ethics.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bubblegum Gives A Big Blow To Khap And Hitler

Bubblegum Gives A Big Blow To Khap And Hitler

3 films hit the screens of India today. These films are different from each other in each and every sense. Bubblegum, Kahap and Gandhi To Hitler are the films who are trying their luck at the box office. Bubblegum is a children’s film, Khap is focuses on social issues whereas Gandhi To Hitler based on History.

Bubble Gum is a film which revolves around a sweet love story. The film is set in Jamshedpur of early 80s, in an era when there were no TVs, Internet or mobile phones. Fourteen-year-old Vedant’s love story with Jenny, the local cop’s daughter has such an innocence and angst to, it brings a smile to your lips.
In the film, characters look pretty realistic. The bell bottom pants would remind you of that era and so would the fact that then, love was just about having a glimpse of your beloved. The director has maintained the simplicity of time, which makes the movie look realistic.
On the other hand Khap projects too many things at one time. The film doesn’t fall into the genre of serious honour killings nor a typical Bollywood flick. The director has wasted producers resources and delivers a complete dull film.
The issue that needs to be addressed seriously gets lost somewhere in the entire film.
The film's story is set in a Haryana village and revolves around the family of Omkar Chaudhary (Om Puri), an important Khap leader and the head of the village community that zealously follows and enforces the community tradition of not tolerating Inter-Gotr marriages.
Khap projects too many things at one time, and fails to garner the attention of the audience.
And last but not the least Gandhi To Hitler. andhi To Hitler Movie Review from the available sources reveals that the movie is all about the last few days of the Nazi leader Hitler’s life, his relationship with his lover Eva Braun. There has also been mention of Mahatma Gandhi’s letter wrote to Hitler requesting him to stop the war. The film deals with emotions that Hitler may have gone through during the last 10 days of life, highlighting the difference in ideologies of the two great political leaders of that time. Though the intentions of GANDHI TO HITLER are right, film is about peace. But the execution of the subject is so amateurish that it leaves you distraught. On the whole, GANDHI TO HITLER fails to connect.
So we can see that Bubble wins over Khap and Hitler. Coming week will see movies like Chala Mussaddi - Office Office, I Am Kalam, Milta Hai Chance By Chance and Warning. Lets see which film attracts the audience more towards cinema hall.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bollywood Politically Incorrect

Bollywood Politically Incorrect

Bollywood and Politics always have share different kind of bonding. Sometimes good, sometimes bad the relationship changes with time. Gone were the days when the actors were only considered as the crowd pullers.

UP’s famous opposition party Samajwadi party had different relations with Bollywood film stars. This was never seen as respectable party because its many members had controversial record. Media reports inform that it used all who can provide monetary or muscle power! However, Samajwadi party desperately needed a brand image and who gave them...who else ...actors! The Bachchan came to the rescue. We all know, how much both depended on each other at one point of time. It is said bachahan endorses them, notorious party solves their financial problems. Samajwadi party used them to gain credibility. For example Amitabh Bachahan endorsed UP as the safe haven, whereas the common people think it is safe haven for goons and others!

Jaya bachahan was also seen in many party rallies as she was a member of Samajwadi party.

Few days ago there were also the reports about the connections between Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu. The tape which

was leaked in the media revolved around the lovey dovey talks between Amar Singh and Bipasha. Later it was found that the voice was not Bipasha’s.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ajay Devgn's Singham To Rule Box Office For 2 More Weeks

Last friday Ajay Devgn's Singham released with a bang worldwide. The film is performing exceptionally well at the box office. Till now, the Worldwide total collection of the film from all over is approximately Rs 47.70 Crores. Seems Ajay Devgn, Prakash Raj and Rohit Shetty’s sheer hard work is paying them very well. In fact the film has been regarded as the tenth highest opening weekend of all time.

With Singham Rohit Shetty ventured into the action genre, which was not his forte earlier. With the return of  Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty, the team goes back to their roots. The fact lies on the fact that both of them started their career with action films. Phool Aur Kaante was Ajay Devgn’s debut which marked the appearance of Rohit as an assistant director in that film. In fact before the release of the film it was believed that the character of Singham is Indian James bond or any Indian superhero. But after the release a picture came clear that it is a full on entertainment masala film.

The initial promos of the film depicted the film to have Salman Khan’s Dabangg touch. But later it was found that resemblances in the film likes in both the actors police profession and their outstanding physique.

In fact Ajay Devgn’s entire look and especially well toned body has become the talk of the town. On getting into a perfect shape for the film Ajay says,“ I trained a little more and went for a strict diet. Two months I worked harder than I used to. I am foodie I have always been on a good diet except from my alcohol.”

Director Rohit Shetty has made sure that this film is 
a blend of action and full on masala that Hindi films have. There is not a single boring moment in the film. The scenes in the film keeps the viewer hooked to their seats. This time also Rohit Shetty proves that he can deliver a masala flick with as much ease and proficiency with a blend of comedy in it.

It is noticed that Singham will rule again for two more weeks as there are no major releases ahead. Singham will enjoy the number one slot as films like Gandhi To Hitler, Khap and Bubblegum would not be any threat to the film.

Friday’s first release Gandhi to Hitler is about Hitler's downfall, his last days when only his love Eva Braun and his trusted aide Joseph Goebbels stood by him. On the other hand  Khap is a contemporary tale of traditional massacre erupting in the heartland of central India where certain villages still follow cruel age old customs. This is where a story of passion, dishonour and deceit unfolds; where the sweet innocence of youth is throttled by uncompromising beliefs.

Whereas the third release Bubblegum is a coming-of-an-age story set in a small industrial town of Jamshedpur where a teenager at a stage when you are no longer a child but yet to become an adult. This is a story is like the properties of a Bubble Gum: Chewable! Malleable! It swells with air when blown, it’stretchable beyond a point it break, creating a messy situation!

So we can see that Ajay Devgn will still rule the box office in the coming two weeks.